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Two Neon Boxes


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Two Neon Boxes is a captivating puzzle game that will test your problem-solving skills and ability to think ahead. The game features minimalistic graphics with a vibrant neon aesthetic, creating an immersive and eye-catching experience for players.

Game Controls

  • Use the arrow keys or swipe gestures to move the boxes.
  • Press the spacebar or tap the screen to switch between the boxes.

How to Play

In Two Neon Boxes, your objective is to guide two boxes through a series of intricate levels filled with obstacles and challenges. The goal is to reach the designated endpoint for each level by maneuvering the boxes strategically.

The catch is that the two boxes move synchronously, meaning that they will always move in the same direction at the same time. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay, as you must carefully plan your moves to avoid obstacles and reach the endpoint simultaneously.

Tips and Tricks

  • Plan ahead: Since the two boxes move together, it’s essential to think several steps ahead and anticipate potential obstacles or dead ends.
  • Timing is key: Pay attention to the timing of your moves. Sometimes it’s necessary to pause one box while the other moves to avoid getting stuck.
  • Study the level: Take a moment to assess the level layout before making any moves. Look for patterns and identify the most efficient path to the endpoint.
  • Practice makes perfect: Don’t get discouraged if you struggle in the beginning. Like any puzzle game, mastering Two Neon Boxes requires practice and patience. Keep playing and refining your strategies.

Game Developer

Two Neon Boxes was developed by an independent game developer known as “Neon Master.” With a passion for creating unique and challenging puzzle games, Neon Master has gained recognition for their innovative gameplay mechanics and minimalistic art style.

Game Platforms

Two Neon Boxes is available on multiple platforms, including:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web browsers

How to Play Unblocked

To play Two Neon Boxes unblocked, simply visit the official website of the game at The web version allows you to enjoy the game directly in your browser without any restrictions, making it accessible from any device.

So, are you ready to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test in the captivating world of Two Neon Boxes? Dive in and challenge yourself with this mesmerizing game of synchronization and strategy!